Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Kirk Jarvinen

Avengers vol 1
DRAW Familial Connections
Deathlok vol 2
Annual 2/3
DRAW One Day At A Time
Fantastic Four vol 1
Annual 25/4
DRAW This Monster !
Annual 25/8
DRAW Pin-up
Incredible Hulk vol 2
Annual 19
DRAW Dead Man's Hand
New Mutants vol 1
Annual 7/2
DRAW Freedom Force - The Killing Stroke, Part I: The First Cut
Annual 7/4
DRAW New Mutants Organizational Chart
Thor vol 1
Annual 17/2
DRAW The Ten Most Heinous Enemies Of The Mighty Thor !
Uncanny X-Men vol 1
Annual 15/4
DRAW Wolverine: The Enemy Within
What If vol 2
DRAW What If Spider-Man's "Parents" Destroyed His Family ?
X-Factor vol 1
DRAW The Muir Island Epilogue - Ends And Odds