Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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George Caragonne

Avengers vol 1
Annual 21/4
SCRIPT The Avengers Top Ten Villains
Cable vol 3
DRAW INKS Homecoming (4/4): Chapter 8: The battle of Central Park
Captain America vol 1
Annual 11/2
SCRIPT Captain America's Top 10 Villains
Daredevil vol 1
Annual 8/2
SCRIPT Daredevil's Top Ten Villains
Fantastic Four vol 1
Annual 25/3
SCRIPT The Top Ten Villains Of The Fantastic Four
Namor The Sub-Mariner
Annual 2/4
SCRIPT Namor's Top Ten Villains
Punisher vol 2
Annual 4/4
SCRIPT A Public Service Message
Annual 5/4
SCRIPT Punisher's Top 10 Villains !
Punisher War Zone vol 1
Annual 1/3
SCRIPT Professionals
SCRIPT Enemies
Thor vol 1
Annual 17/2
SCRIPT The Ten Most Heinous Enemies Of The Mighty Thor !
Top Dog
SCRIPT The spectacular comic book caper!
What If vol 2
SCRIPT What If Captain America Were Not The Only Super Soldier In World War II ?
SCRIPT What If Captain America Had Formed The Avengers ?
SCRIPT What If Phoenix Had Lived ?
SCRIPT What If Phoenix Rose Again ?