Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Giant-Size Creatures

1 (1974/5)

Werewolf By Night & Tigra - Tigra The Were-Woman!

Tony Isabella (SCRIPT), Don Perlin (DRAW), Vince Colletta (INKS)

[1975/10] WereWolf vol 2 8 (Tigra la mujer-gato)
[1975/11] WereWolf vol 2 9 (Tigra la mujer-gato)
[2011/1] Women of Marvel Celebrating Seven Decades Omnibus HC 1 (Tigra the Were-Woman! / She stalks in beauty like the night / A warrior reborn! / Some say the world will die...!)

Where Walks The Werewolf

Len Wein (SCRIPT), Reed Crandall (DRAW), Reed Crandall (INKS)

[1975/12] WereWolf vol 2 11 (A donde va el hombre lobo)