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Impossible Man Summer Vacation Spectacular

1 (1990/8)


Michael Gallagher (SCRIPT), Barry Crain (DRAW), Barry Crain (INKS)

How Green Was My Villain ?!

Michael Gallagher (SCRIPT), Barry Crain (DRAW), Barry Crain (INKS)

The Impossible Girl - Girls Don't Wanna Have Fun !

Mark Gruenwald (SCRIPT), Howard Mackie (SCRIPT), Rurik Tyler (DRAW), Romeo Tanghal (INKS)

See No Evil, See Evil !!!!!

Impossible But Strange

Roy Thomas (SCRIPT), Dann Thomas (SCRIPT), Greg Capullo (DRAW), Christopher Ivy (INKS)

Fashion Victims !

Gregory Wright (SCRIPT), Jackson Guice (DRAW), Jackson Guice (INKS)

A Night To Remember !

Jim Valentino (SCRIPT), Jim Valentino (DRAW), Dan Bulanadi (INKS)

Help Me Find My Way !

An Imp-Kid's Clubhouse Is Not A Castle !!!!!!

Craig Anderson (SCRIPT), Aaron Lopresti (DRAW), Aaron Lopresti (INKS)

Hey Impossible Man, What're You Gonna Do Now ? I'm Going To Dizzyworld !

Peter David (SCRIPT), Luke McDonnell (DRAW), Randy Emberlin (INKS)


Michael Gallagher (SCRIPT), Tom Morgan (DRAW), Tom Morgan (INKS)