Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Journey Into Mystery vol 1

84 (1962/9)

Thor - The Mighty Thor Vs The Executioner

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Larry Lieber (SCRIPT), Jack Kirby (DRAW), Dick Ayers (INKS)

[1973] Capitán América 30 (Thor contra el verdugo)
[1992/11] Orígenes Marvel 6 (Thor el Poderoso contra el Ejecutor)
[2001/7] Biblioteca Marvel: Thor 3 (¡Contra el Ejecutor!)
[2001/3] Essential Thor 1 (Thor - The Mighty Thor Vs The Executioner)

The Witching Hour

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Don Heck (DRAW), Don Heck (INKS)

Somewhere Hides A Thing

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Steve Ditko (DRAW), Steve Ditko (INKS)