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Marvel Mystery Comics

4 (1940/2)

The Human Torch - New York Hit By Green Flame

Carl Burgos (SCRIPT), Carl Burgos (DRAW), Carl Burgos (INKS)

The Angel - Butch The Giant

Paul Gustavson (SCRIPT), Paul Gustavson (DRAW), Paul Gustavson (INKS)

The Sub-Mariner - The Sub-Mariner Goes To War

Bill Everett (SCRIPT), Bill Everett (DRAW), Bill Everett (INKS)

The Masked Raider - The Claim Jumpers

Al Anders (SCRIPT), Al Anders (DRAW), Al Anders (INKS)

Warning Enough

David C. Cooke (SCRIPT), / NA / NA) (SCRIPT)

Electro - The Marvel Of The Age

Steve Dahlman (SCRIPT), Steve Dahlman (DRAW), Steve Dahlman (INKS)

[2013/3] Marvel Firsts: WWII Super Heroes TPB 1 (Electro - The Marvel of the Age)

Ferret - Quest For A Crime Boss

Stockbridge Winslow (SCRIPT), Irwin Hasen (DRAW), Irwin Hasen (INKS)

[2013/3] Marvel Firsts: WWII Super Heroes TPB 1 (Ferret - Mystery Detective)

Ka-Zar - Return Of The Oman

Ben Thompson (SCRIPT), Ben Thompson (DRAW), Ben Thompson (INKS)