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Tales To Astonish vol 1

13 (1960/11)

I Challenged Groot! The Monster From Planet X!

Larry Lieber (SCRIPT), Jack Kirby (DRAW), Dick Ayers (INKS)

[2014/11] Marvel Gold: Guardianes de Galaxia: Vidas Pasadas 1 (Yo desafié a... ¡Groot! ¡El monstruo del Planeta-X!)
[2017/8] King-Size Kirby 1 (Yo desafié a... ¡Groot! ¡El monstruo del planeta X!)

I Found The Abominable Snowman!

[1970/10] Chamber of Darkness 7 (I found the abominable snowman!)

My Friend Is... Not Quite Human!

I Found The Hidden World!