Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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What If vol 1

34 (1982/8)


[2015/11] Marvel Gold: Asombroso Spiderman 6 (¿Y si Gwen Stacy hubiera vivido?)

The Difference

What If Ghost Rider Had Possessed Someone Else ?

Tom DeFalco (SCRIPT), Dave Simons (DRAW), Dave Simons (INKS)

What If Everyone Who'd Ever Been An Avenger Had Remained An Avenger ?

Jim Shooter (SCRIPT), Bob Hall (DRAW), Brett Breeding (INKS)

What If Him Had Married Her ? / Black Bolt Got The Hiccups ? / Galactus Ate The Earth ?

Mark Gruenwald (SCRIPT), Ron Zalme (DRAW), Al Milgrom (INKS)

What If Ka-Zar Were A Middle-Aged Accountant Instead Of A Savage ?

What If The Hulk Were Yellow ? / The Invisible Girl Dyed Her Hair ? / Power Man Were White ? / The T

What If Captain Marvel Hadn't Died ? / Phoenix Still Lived ? / Elektra Had Survived ?

What If Dazzler Had Become A Stand-Up Comedienne Instead Of A Singer ?

Spidey Intellectual Stories

What If Willie Lumpkin Were Herald To Galactus ? / Ghost Rider Owned A Fast Food Franchise ? / All T

What If The Watchers In All The Realities Got Together And Watched Watchers Watching Watchers Watchi

What If Howard The Duck Formed His Own Super-Team ?

What If Thor Had A Swedish Accent ? / Cyclops Energy Beams Came Out Of His Ears ? / Wonder Man Were

What If Black Bolt Were A Rock Star ?

What If Daredevil Were Deaf Instead Of Blind ?

What If The Marvel Production Crew Existed In This Reality ?

What If The Marvel Editorial Crew Did, Too ?

What If Tony Stark Had Owned An Auto Plant Instead Of A Weapons Factory ? / Sue Storm Had Become The

What If The Watcher Grew Hair ? / Alpha Flight Talked Like T.V. Canadians ?

What If The Silver Surfer, White Tiger, Night Rider, Iceman And Moon Knight Fought Wendigo In A Snow

What If Moon Knight Had 3 Different Identities ?

What If King Conan Were Bing Conan ?

What If Black Bolt Hosted A Television Talk Show ? / Bruce Banner's Pants Didn't Stretch When He Bec

What If Aunt May Became A Super Hero ? / Reed Richards Had Not Invented Unstable Molecules ?

What If The Hulk Married The She-Hulk ?


What If Norrin Radd Had Not Volunteered To Become The Silver Surfer ? Dazzler Had Decided To Become

What If Doctor Strange Were An Ordinary Magician ?

What If Obnoxio The Clown Fought Crime ?

What If Daredevil Could See ? / Thor Got A Haircut ? / Spider-Man Had Married The Black Widow ?

What If Iron Man Had An Eating Problem Instead Of A Drinking Problem ?

What If Dr. Doom Had A Sense Of Humor ? / Galactus Needed Quick Cash ? / What Will Happen When Stan