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What If vol 2

20 (1990/12)

What If Spider-Man Had Not Married Mary Jane Watson ?, Part 1

Danny Fingeroth (SCRIPT), Jim Valentino (DRAW), Christopher Ivy (INKS)

What If... Spider-Man Had A Son ?

Darren Auck (SCRIPT), Darren Auck (DRAW), Darren Auck (INKS)

What If... Ghost Rider Hit A Puddle ?

John Lewie (SCRIPT), Armando Gil (DRAW), Armando Gil (INKS)

What If... Daredevil Was A Policeman ?

Barry Dutter (SCRIPT), Darren Auck (DRAW), / $McLaurin) (DRAW)

What If... The Submariner Had To Work For A Living ?

Gary Fields (SCRIPT), Keith S. Wilson (DRAW), Keith S. Wilson (INKS)