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Web Of Spider-Man

Annual 10 (1994)

Shriek, Rattle And Roll

Terry Kavanagh (SCRIPT), Mike Lackey (SCRIPT), Jerry Bingham (DRAW), Tom Palmer (INKS)

Warrant - Daze And Confusion

Terry Kavanagh (SCRIPT), Joey Cavalieri (SCRIPT), Alex Saviuk (DRAW), Don Hudson (INKS)

Black Cat And Black Fox - Tabula Rasa

Mike Lackey (SCRIPT), Sergio Cariello (DRAW), Keith Williams (INKS)

The Prowler - The Power Of Resistance

Joey Cavalieri (SCRIPT), Vince Giarrano (DRAW), Vince Giarrano (INKS)

Pin-Up : Spider-Man

Pin-Up : Black Cat

Pin-Up : Prowler

Pin-Up : Cardiac

Pin-Up : Nightwatch

Pin-Up : Solo

Pin-Up : Puma