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Marvel Super Heroes vol 3

11 (1992/10)

Ghost Rider - Fireworks

Tina Chrioproces (SCRIPT), Greg LaRocque (DRAW), Vincent Colletta (INKS)

[2007/4] Essential Ms. Marvel vol 1 1 (Ghost Rider - Fireworks)

Giant Man - Not To Touch The Earth

Dwayne McDuffie (SCRIPT), Jim Shooter (SCRIPT), Donald C. Hudson (DRAW), Bob Budiansky (DRAW), Christopher Ivy (INKS), Manny Manos (INKS)


Ms. Marvel - Cry, Vengeance !

Simon Furman (SCRIPT), Chris Claremont (SCRIPT), Michael Gustovich (DRAW), Mike Vosburg (DRAW), Michael Gustovich (INKS), Mike Vosburg (INKS)