Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Western Gunfighters

1 (1970/8)

The coming of Gunhawk

Jerry Siegel (SCRIPT), Werner Roth (DRAW), Sal Buscema (INKS)

The outlaw

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Jack Kirby (DRAW), Dick Ayers (INKS)

Tales of Fort Rango

Gary Friedrich (SCRIPT), Syd Shores (DRAW), Syd Shores (INKS)

There's a shoot-out comin'!

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Sol Brodsky (DRAW), Sol Brodsky (INKS)

Call them Renegades

Mike Friedrich (SCRIPT), Roy Thomas (SCRIPT), Tom F. Sutton (DRAW), Tom F. Sutton (INKS)

Return of the Tarantula!

Gary Friedrich (SCRIPT), Dick Ayers (DRAW), Tom F. Sutton (INKS)