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Marvel Comics Presents vol 1

32 (1989/11)

Excalibur (Shadowcat) - Having A Wild Weekend 2/8 : Dark Shadows

Michael Higgins (SCRIPT), Erik Larsen (DRAW), Terry Austin (INKS)

[1992/1] Marvel Héroes vol 1 61 (Sombras oscuras)

Black Panther - Panther's Quest 20/25 : The Great Cat In The City Of Gold

Don MacGregor (SCRIPT), Gene Colan (DRAW), Tom Palmer (INKS)

Coldblood - Rise And Shine 7/10 : Grand Central Station

Doug Moench (SCRIPT), Paul Gulacy (DRAW), Paul Gulacy (INKS)

[1991/1] Caballero Luna 12 (Sangre Fría - Levántate y anda (7/10) )

Sunfire - The Dreaded Deadline Doom

Scott Lobdell (SCRIPT), Don Heck (DRAW), Dave Cockrum (INKS)

Excalibur vol 1 36 (El juicio final)
[2008/12] Big Hero 6 2 (The dreaded deadline doom!)