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Marvel Comics Presents vol 1

83 (1991)

Wolverine - Weapon X Chapter Eleven

Barry Windsor-Smith (SCRIPT), Barry Windsor-Smith (DRAW), Barry Windsor-Smith (INKS)

[1992/8] Arma-X vol 1 4 (Sin título)
[1994/12] Obras Maestras 14 (Sin título)
[2008/7] Best of Marvel Essentials: Lobezno: Arma-X 1 (Sin título)
[2017/2] 100% Marvel: Lobezno: Arma-X 1 (Arma X (11/12))

Firestar - Life During War Time 2/6 : Things Fall Apart

Marie Javins (SCRIPT), Marc MacLaurin (SCRIPT), Dwayne Turner (DRAW), Jose Marzan (INKS)

Hawkeye - The Distance

Fabian Nicieza (SCRIPT), John Stanisci (DRAW), Don Hudson (INKS)

Human Torch - The Matchstick And The Moth

Steve Ditko (SCRIPT), Erik Larsen (SCRIPT), Steve Ditko (DRAW), Erik Larsen (INKS)