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100% Marvel. 1602

1 (2005/5)

Donde presentamos a varios de nuestros personajes

[2003/10] 1602 1 (Part One (In Which We Are Introduced To Some Of Our Featured Players))

Donde las cosas empiezan a cambiar

[2003/11] 1602 2 (Part Two (In Which Attacks Are Launched, And Evil Schemes Are Revealed))

Donde se descubren muchas cosas y la Reina recibe un regalo

[2003/12] 1602 3 (Part Three (In Which Further Assaults Lead To New Revelations))

Donde se explica mucho y las cosas no salen siempre bien

[2004/1] 1602 4 (Part Four (In Which Much Is Explained And Things Do Not Always Work Out For The Best))