Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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What the...?

5 (1989/7)

Wake up and shoot the coffee, or: Tough guys don't prance

Hilary Barta (SCRIPT), Doug Rice (SCRIPT), Hilary Barta (SCRIPT), Hilary Barta (INKS)

[1992/6] Marvel Héroes vol 1 66 (Este Hombre, ese Monstruo... Ese Hombre, este Monstruo... Este Hombre, algún monstruo)
[1992/7] Marvel Héroes vol 1 67 (El poderoso Thoro en: ¡Si no es mi padre, es mi enemigo!)
[1992/8] Marvel Héroes vol 1 68 (El Pulverizador y Lobito en Despierta y al loro)
[1992/9] Marvel Héroes vol 1 69 (La Alien-ada Legión)

This man, that monster - That man, this monster - This man, some other monster!

Peter B. Gillis (SCRIPT), Erik Larsen (DRAW), Al Gordon (INKS)

You, bet your dignityman, some other monster!

Terry Kevin Austin (SCRIPT), Jim Lee (DRAW), Al Williamson (INKS)

[1993/3] Marvel Héroes vol 1 75 (Monos)
[1993/4] Marvel Héroes vol 1 76 (Te juegas la dignidad)

The Alien-ated Legion

Terry Kevin Austin (SCRIPT), Jim Lee (DRAW), Al Williamson (INKS)

Ill-conceived character couplings, or: Team-ups that will probably never get their own limited series...

Walt Jaschek (SCRIPT), Jim Lee (DRAW), Jim Lee (INKS), Allen Milgrom (INKS)

Lo! If this be not my father, my enemy...!

Peter B. Gillis (SCRIPT), Whilce Portacio (DRAW), Allen Milgrom (INKS)