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What the...?

12 (1991/5)

Moanin' the Bavarian

William Wray (SCRIPT), William Wray (DRAW), Hilary Barta (INKS)

Forbush Man in the Ravaged Land

Married with superpowers

Rurik Tyler (SCRIPT), Rurik Tyler (DRAW), Rurik Tyler (INKS)

Dear Marble

Sholly Fisch (SCRIPT), Aaron Lopresti (DRAW), Keith Wilson (INKS)

Cronan the Beerbarian

Barry Dutter (SCRIPT), Kez Wilson (DRAW), Kez Wilson (INKS)

Love is a many splintered thing

Darren Auck (SCRIPT), Darren Auck (DRAW), Darren Auck (INKS)