Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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What the...?

18 (1992/5)

What if... Charlie America landed on Finnigan's Island?

Michael Higgins (SCRIPT), Marie Severin (DRAW), Marie Severin (INKS)

Hoagy's space ark

George Wildman (INKS), John Costanza (DRAW), Barry Dutter (SCRIPT)

Psychiatrist to the super-heroes!

Barry Dutter (SCRIPT), Keith Wilson (DRAW), Keith Wilson (INKS)

Down on the Marble Farm

Darren Auck (SCRIPT), Darren Auck (DRAW), Darren Auck (INKS)

Star Trash

Aaron Lopresti (SCRIPT), Aaron Lopresti (DRAW), Aaron Lopresti (INKS)