Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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What the...?

22 (1992/10)

Nine lives hath the Cataclysm!

Hilary Barta (SCRIPT), Doug Rice (SCRIPT), Joe Staton (DRAW), Hilary Barta (INKS)

What goes up must come down!

Barry Dutter (SCRIPT), John Costanza (DRAW), John Costanza (INKS)

Hazards of being a super villain

Roger Brown (SCRIPT), Rurik Tyler (DRAW), Rurik Tyler (INKS)

Salem's pot

Renée Witterstaetter (SCRIPT), Aaron Lopresti (DRAW), Aaron Lopresti (INKS)

Guidance counselor

Sholly Fisch (SCRIPT), George Wildman (DRAW), George Wildman (INKS)

Captains Outrageous!

Josef Rubinstein (INKS), Joe Quesada (DRAW), Barry Dutter (SCRIPT)