Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Mystical Tales

2 (1956/8)

What Lurks Out There

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Joe Orlando (DRAW), Joe Orlando (INKS)

The Black Blob

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Kurt Schaffenberger (DRAW), Kurt Schaffenberger (INKS)

The Lizard

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Dave Berg (DRAW), Dave Berg (INKS)

Footprints In the Snow

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Bob Forgione (DRAW), Jack Abel (INKS)

The Party

No Way Out

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), John Forte (DRAW), John Forte (INKS)

Behind the Veil

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Herb Familton (DRAW), Herb Familton (INKS)