Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Mystical Tales

7 (1957/6)

The Secret of the Haunted Picture

Angelo Torres (DRAW), Angelo Torres (INKS)

[1976/8] Héroes Marvel 21 (El secreto de la pintura encantada)

Hide and Shriek

John Forte (DRAW), John Forte (INKS)

The Living Shadows!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Joe Orlando (DRAW), Joe Orlando (INKS)

It Happened in the Attic!

Frank Bolle (DRAW), Frank Bolle (INKS)

Mystery Within The Walls

Too Smart to Live!

Ed Winiarsky (DRAW), Ed Winiarsky (INKS)

The Man Who Can't be Stopped

Joe Orlando (DRAW), Joe Orlando (INKS)