Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Journey Into Mystery vol 1

39 (1956/10)

Behind the Mask

Paul Reinman (DRAW), Paul Reinman (INKS)

The Forbidden Room!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Dick Ayers (DRAW), Dick Ayers (INKS)

[1976/12] Super Héroes vol 2 58 (El cuarto prohibido)

I Lived Four Times!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Bob Forgione (DRAW), Jack Abel (INKS)

At the Edge of Nowhere!

Al Hartley (DRAW), Al Hartley (INKS)

He Can't Resist

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), George Roussos (DRAW), John Giunta (INKS)

Memory Mix

The Executioner!

Wally Wood (DRAW), Wally Wood (INKS)