Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Strange Tales of the Unusual

1 (1955/12)

Man Lost!

Bob Brown (DRAW), Bob Brown (INKS)

[1977/5] Selecciones Marvel 8 (Un hombre perdido)
[1974/12] Dead of Night 7 (Man Lost!)
[1975/4] Journey Into Mystery vol 2 16 (The rag doll!)

The Sorcerer

Joe Maneely (DRAW), Joe Maneely (INKS)

Who Walks in the Dark?

Bob Powell (DRAW), Bob Powell (INKS)

Cry for Help!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Robert McCarty (DRAW), Robert McCarty (INKS)

The Experiment That Failed

Don Heck (DRAW), Don Heck (INKS)