Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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World of Fantasy

4 (1956/11)

The Strange Wife of Henry Johnson!

John Forte (DRAW), John Forte (INKS)

A Robot Among Us!

Herb Familton (DRAW), Herb Familton (INKS)

Bright Day

Marie Severin (DRAW), Marie Severin (INKS)

Girl in a Trap!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Werner Roth (DRAW), Werner Roth (INKS)

The Frightened Ones!

Ruben Moreira (DRAW), Ruben Moreira (INKS)

The Only Clue!

Bob Powell (DRAW), Bob Powell (INKS)

Voice of the Dummy!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Bernard Baily (DRAW), Bernard Baily (INKS)