Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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World of Fantasy

6 (1957/3)

The Worm's-Eye View

Richard Doxsee (DRAW), Richard Doxsee (INKS)

The Three Heads

Dave Berg (DRAW), Dave Berg (INKS)

The Machine That Talked Too Much!

Bob Powell (DRAW), Bob Powell (INKS)

He Saw It In The Swamp!

John Giunta (DRAW), George Roussos (INKS)

Vial of Inspiration

Joe Maneely (DRAW), Joe Maneely (INKS)

The Child!

Howard O'Donnell (DRAW), Howard O'Donnell (INKS)

Monkey Man!

John Forte (DRAW), John Forte (INKS)