Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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World of Fantasy

7 (1957/5)

Wheels of Doom!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Manny Stallman (DRAW), Manny Stallman (INKS)

Someone in the Flames

Dick Ayers (DRAW), Dick Ayers (INKS)

The Girl Who Didn't Exist!

Tony DiPreta (DRAW), Tony DiPreta (INKS)

Run for Your Life

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Robert Q. Sale (DRAW), Robert Q. Sale (INKS)

Sir Archibald

The Hidden Hex!

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Sam Kweskin (DRAW), Sam Kweskin (INKS)

Sin título

Tess Goldberg (SCRIPT)

The Man in Grey!

Gray Morrow (DRAW), Gray Morrow (INKS)