Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Adventure Into Mystery

7 (1957/5)

The Invisible Doom!

Gene Colan (DRAW), Gene Colan (INKS)

The Watcher!

Marvin Stein (DRAW), Marvin Stein (INKS)

[1980/6] Especial Super Héroes 15 (¡Abajo...!)

The Missing Film

John Severin (DRAW), John Severin (INKS)

One Hour Till Doomsday!

Robert Q. Sale (DRAW), Robert Q. Sale (INKS)

Beware ... the Brimm!

Angelo Torres (DRAW), Angelo Torres (INKS)

Mission ... Murder!

Howard O'Donnell (DRAW), Howard O'Donnell (INKS)

Trapped in the Room of Darkness

Carl Wessler (SCRIPT), Syd Shores (DRAW), Syd Shores (INKS)