Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Mystery Tales

30 (1955/6)

The Boy Who Could Fly!

Tom Scheuer (DRAW), Tom Scheuer (INKS)

The Warning!

Don Heck (DRAW), Don Heck (INKS)

[1978/12] Spiderman vol 3 48 (¡El aviso!)
[1979/1] Spiderman vol 3 50 (¡El aviso!)
[1979/2] Spiderman vol 3 52 (¡El aviso!)

The Lady Vanished

John Forte (DRAW), John Forte (INKS)

[1976/2] Spiderman vol 3 6 (La dama desaparecida)
[1978/2] Spiderman vol 3 36 (La dama desaparecida)

Too Late!

Sid Greene (DRAW), Sid Greene (INKS)

From Out of Nowhere

Pete Tumlinson (DRAW), Pete Tumlinson (INKS)