Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Adventures Into Weird Worlds

14 (1953/1)

Horror on Haunted Hill!

Carmine Infantino (DRAW), Carmine Infantino (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

Forever Is a Long Time!

Larry Woromay (DRAW), Larry Woromay (INKS)

[1976/7] WereWolf vol 2 15 (Para siempre... es mucho tiempo)

A Shriek in the Night

John Tartaglione (DRAW), John Tartaglione (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

[1976/7] WereWolf vol 2 15 (Chillido en la noche)

The Man Who Walked on Water!

Jay Scott Pike (DRAW), Jay Scott Pike (INKS)

[1976/7] WereWolf vol 2 15 (¡El hombre que andaba sobre el agua!)

The Man Who Steals Gravestones!

Sol Brodsky (DRAW), Sol Brodsky (INKS)