Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Marvel Tales vol 1

96 (1950/6)

The Return of the Monster

Gene Colan (DRAW), Vince Alascia (INKS), Syd Shores (DRAW), Syd Shores (INKS)

[1972] Fantom 1 (El retorno del monstruo)

The Deadly Dwarf!

Vern Henkel (DRAW), Vern Henkel (INKS)

The Mask of the Mind!

Don't Shake Hands with the Devil

Mike Sekowsky (DRAW)

The Witch's Son!

Carl Burgos (DRAW), Carl Burgos (INKS)

[1976/12] WereWolf vol 2 19 (El hijo de la bruja)

The Terror That Creeps

Werner Roth (DRAW), Werner Roth (INKS)