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Marvel Tales vol 1

149 (1956/8)

Among the Missing!

Hy Fleishman (DRAW), Hy Fleishman (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

The Last Warning!

Vic Carrabotta (INKS), Vic Carrabotta (DRAW), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

Charlie's Choice!

Frank Bolle (INKS), Frank Bolle (DRAW), Carl Wessler (ARGUMENT)

The Broken Man!

Tony Mortellaro (DRAW), Tony Mortellaro (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

Stop Us If You've Read This Before

Jim Infantino (DRAW), Jim Infantino (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

The Thief!

Joe Orlando (DRAW), Joe Orlando (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)