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Marvel Tales vol 1

153 (1956/12)

They Prowl On Earth!

Herb Familton (DRAW), Herb Familton (INKS), Carl Wessler (SCRIPT)

No One Can See Me!

Robert Q. Sale (DRAW), Robert Q. Sale (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

It Can't Be Done!

Ted Galindo (DRAW), Ted Galindo (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

The Last Man Alive!

Ed Winiarski (DRAW), Ed Winiarski (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

Scare At Sea!

Bill Everett (INKS), Bill Everett (DRAW), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)

Saucer In the Sky!

Pete Morisi (DRAW), Pete Morisi (INKS), Stan Lee (SCRIPT)