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Epic Illustrated

10 (1982/2)

Abraxas and the Earthman (1/8): Press gang

Rick Veitch (SCRIPT), Rick Veitch (DRAW), Rick Veitch (INKS)


Steadroy Cleghorne (SCRIPT), Steadroy Cleghorne (DRAW), Steadroy Cleghorne (INKS)


Roger McKenzie (SCRIPT), Jeff Easley (DRAW), Jeff Easley (INKS)

Dr. Watchstop faces the future

Ken Macklin (SCRIPT), Ken Macklin (DRAW), Ken Macklin (INKS)

Children of the Stars (4/4)

Charles Vess (SCRIPT), Charles Vess (DRAW), Charles Vess (INKS)

Flightus interuptus

Arthur Suydam (SCRIPT), Arthur Suydam (DRAW), Arthur Suydam (INKS)

Marada the She-Wolf (1/3): The shattered sword

Christopher Claremont (SCRIPT), John Bolton (DRAW), John Bolton (INKS)

The weapon

Pepe Moreno (SCRIPT), Pepe Moreno (DRAW), Pepe Moreno (INKS)

Heart and steel

Kaze Shinobu (SCRIPT), Kaze Shinobu (DRAW), Kaze Shinobu (INKS)