Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Epic Illustrated

14 (1982/10)

While the gods laugh

Roy Thomas (SCRIPT), Philip Craig Russell (DRAW), Philip Craig Russell (INKS)


James Starlin (DRAW), James Starlin (SCRIPT), James Starlin (INKS)

Abraxas and the Earthman (5/8): Belly of the beast

Rick Veitch (SCRIPT), Rick Veitch (DRAW), Rick Veitch (INKS)

One cell at a time

Ken Macklin (SCRIPT), Ken Macklin (DRAW), Ken Macklin (INKS)

The end

Arthur Suydam (SCRIPT), Arthur Suydam (DRAW), Arthur Suydam (INKS)


Paul Kirchner (SCRIPT), Paul Kirchner (DRAW), Paul Kirchner (INKS)

Pit stop

Lee Marrs (SCRIPT), Lee Marrs (DRAW), Lee Marrs (INKS)