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Epic Illustrated

17 (1983/4)

Generation Zero (1/9): The chess game

Pepe Moreno (SCRIPT), Pepe Moreno (DRAW), Pepe Moreno (INKS)

Generation Zero (2/9): Phantom City

Pepe Moreno (SCRIPT), Pepe Moreno (DRAW), Pepe Moreno (INKS)


Will Brown (SCRIPT), Will Brown (DRAW), Will Brown (INKS)

Abraxas and the Earthman (8/8): Man and whale

Rick Veitch (SCRIPT), Rick Veitch (DRAW), Rick Veitch (INKS)

Time bomb

Ken Macklin (SCRIPT), Ken Macklin (DRAW), Ken Macklin (INKS)

Last of the Dragons (3/6): The departure

Dennis O'Neil (SCRIPT), Carl Potts (SCRIPT), Carl Potts (DRAW), Terry Kevin Austin (INKS)


Archie Goodwin (SCRIPT), Michael William Kalut (DRAW), Michael William Kaluta (INKS)

Godfather Death

Scott Hampton (SCRIPT), Scott Hampton (DRAW), Scott Hampton (INKS)