Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Epic Illustrated

25 (1984/8)

The Sacred and the Profane (6/7): Memoria: Vessels of the past

Dean Motter (SCRIPT), Ken Steacy (DRAW), Ken Steacy (INKS)

The potty's over

Berni Wrightson (SCRIPT), Berni Wrightson (DRAW), Berni Wrightson (INKS)


Rick Veitch (SCRIPT), Rick Veitch (DRAW), Rick Veitch (INKS)

Apocrypha: The spy / Cat 'n' mouse / The factory / Far rovers / The alliance

John Lakey (SCRIPT), Artifact Studios (DRAW), Artifact Studios (INKS)

Did you hear the one about the traveling ogre and the mayor's daughter?

Mary Jo Duffy (SCRIPT), John Bolton (DRAW), John Bolton (INKS)

Toadswart d'Amplestone (1/8)

Tim A. Conrad (SCRIPT), Tim A. Conrad (DRAW), Tim A. Conrad (INKS)