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Epic Illustrated

28 (1985/2)

The Last Galactus Story (3/10): Return of the exile

John Byrne (SCRIPT), Terry Kevin Austin (INKS), John Byrne (DRAW)

Cobalt-60 (2/5)

Larry Todd (SCRIPT), Mark Bodé (DRAW), Mark Bodé (INKS)

A friendly reminder

Dave Sim (SCRIPT), Dave Sim (DRAW), Dave Sim (INKS)

Treasure hunt

Laurie S. Sutton (SCRIPT), Ron Fontes (INKS), Ron Fontes (DRAW)

Training cycle

Steve Sabella (SCRIPT), Steve Sabella (DRAW), Steve Sabella (INKS)

The everlasting tag

Rick Veitch (SCRIPT), Rick Veitch (DRAW), Rick Veitch (INKS)


Robert Rodi (SCRIPT), Kent Williams (DRAW), Kent Williams (INKS)

Toadswart d'Amplestone (4/8): Ashes to ashes

Tim A. Conrad (SCRIPT), Tim A. Conrad (DRAW), Tim A. Conrad (INKS)

All's well...

Zoran Vanjaka (SCRIPT), Zoran Vanjaka (DRAW), Zoran Vanjaka (INKS)