Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Epic Illustrated

31 (1985/8)

The seed and the sower

Jon J. Muth (SCRIPT), Jon J. Muth (DRAW), Kent Williams (DRAW)

Cobalt-60 (5/5)

Larry Todd (SCRIPT), Mark Bodé (DRAW), Mark Bodé (INKS)

Beyond legend

Archie Goodwin (SCRIPT), Victor de la Fuente (DRAW), Victor de la Fuente (INKS)

The sword of Sh'rlii

Paty Cockrum (SCRIPT), Paty Cockrum (DRAW), Paty Cockrum (INKS)

Wah, wah, wah...

Zoran Vanjaka (SCRIPT), Zoran Vanjaka (DRAW), Zoran Vanjaka (INKS)

Arise Awake Year 20

Marc Hempe (SCRIPT), Marc Hempe (DRAW)

Toadswart d'Amplestone 6/8: Abyss

Tim A. Conrad (SCRIPT), Tim A. Conrad (DRAW), Tim A. Conrad (INKS)

The Last Galactus Story (6/10): The hidden stars

John Byrne (SCRIPT), John Byrne (DRAW), Terry Kevin Austin (INKS)