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Epic Illustrated

34 (1986/2)

The beast

Paolo Eluteri Serpieri (SCRIPT), Paolo Eluteri Serpieri (DRAW), Paolo Eluteri Serpieri (INKS)

Love doesn't last forever

Alan Moore (SCRIPT), Rick Veitch (DRAW)


Chesea Mann (SCRIPT), Michael White (INKS)


Cheryl Manaus (SCRIPT), Cheryl Manaus (DRAW), Cheryl Manaus (INKS)


E. H. Terrill (SCRIPT), E. H. Terrill (DRAW)

Out of phase

Archie Goodwin (SCRIPT), Al Williamson (DRAW), Al Williamson (INKS)

Wasting time

Ken Macklin (SCRIPT), Ken Macklin (DRAW)

The Last Galactus Story (9/10): The face of the foe

John Byrne (DRAW), John Byrne (SCRIPT), Terry Kevin Austin (INKS)

They just fade away

Berni Wrightson (SCRIPT), Berni Wrightson (DRAW), Berni Wrightson (INKS)

The adventures of Cholly n' Flytrap!

Peter Koch (SCRIPT), Arthur Suydam (SCRIPT), Arthur Suydam (DRAW), Arthur Suydam (INKS)

Amber 1

James Starlin (SCRIPT), James Starlin (DRAW), James Starlin (INKS)

Death of a legend

Roy Thomas (SCRIPT), Sandy Plunkett (DRAW), Sandy Plunkett (INKS)

Slow dancer (or: Movements calculated to drive you lonely - or worse)

Bill Sienkiewicz (SCRIPT), Bill Sienkiewicz (DRAW)