Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Monsters Unleashed vol 1

4 (1974/2)

Frankenstein 1973 (2/2): The classic monster!

Gary Friedrich (SCRIPT), John Buscema (DRAW), Winslow Mortimer (INKS), Syd Shores (INKS)

The hands!

[2016/9] Marvel Limited Edition: Monstruo de Frankenstein 1 (Frankenstein 1973 (2/4): ¡El monstruo clásico!)

[1952/12] Adventures Into Terror 14 (The little people)

Web of hate

Tony Isabella (SCRIPT), David Cockrum (DRAW), David Cockrum (INKS)

A monster reborn!

Stephen Ross Gerber (SCRIPT), Pablo Marcos (DRAW), Pablo Marcos (INKS)

The killers

[1952/9] Adventures Into Weird Worlds 10 (?)

To love, honor, cherish ... 'til death!

Christopher Claremont (SCRIPT), Don Perlin (DRAW), Don Perlin (INKS)