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Love Romances

11 (1950/5)

Gold-Digger!; Proud is the Heart!

Gold Digger!

Bob Brown (DRAW), John Buscema (DRAW), John Buscema (INKS)

["Sentimental You . . . "]

Mike Sekowsky (DRAW)

Untamed Love!

Christopher Rule (DRAW), Mike Sekowsky (DRAW), Christopher Rule (INKS), Vince Alascia (INKS)

I Mistreated Love

I Said No, Too Often!

Syd Shores (DRAW), Mike Sekowsky (DRAW), Syd Shores (INKS), Vince Alascia (INKS)

["A letter from Miss G..... W....., of Wichita, Kansas"]

A Man Can Be Cruel!

Bob Brown (DRAW), Pete Tumlinson (DRAW), Bob Brown (INKS), Pete Tumlinson (INKS)