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Amazing Spider-Man vol 1

Annual 25 (1991)

The Vibranium Vendetta, Part One : The Spider And The Ghost

David Michelinie (SCRIPT), Guang Yap (DRAW), Jeff Albrecht (INKS)

The Origin Of The Amazing Spider-Man !

David Michelinie (SCRIPT), Sal Buscema (DRAW), Sal Buscema (INKS)

The Outlaws - Outlaw Justice, Part One

David Michelinie (SCRIPT), Alan Kupperberg (DRAW), Alan Kupperberg (INKS)

Venom - The Truckstop Of Doom !

David Michelinie (SCRIPT), Paris Cullins (DRAW), Bud LaRosa (INKS)

The Man Called Chance - Second Chance !

David Michelinie (SCRIPT), Steve Ditko (DRAW), Steve Ditko (INKS)