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West Coast Avengers vol 2

Annual 4 (1989)

Atlantis Attacks, Chapter 12 : Gather Now Ye 7 Brides !

John Byrne (SCRIPT), John Byrne (DRAW), Terry Austin (INKS)

[1990/1] Nuevos Vengadores 36 (¡Traed aquí a las 7 novias!)

Rate The Hunks

Mark Gruenwald (SCRIPT), Amanda Conner (DRAW), Chris Ivy (INKS)

US Agent - The Last Good Soldier

Mark Gruenwald (SCRIPT), Mike Manley (DRAW), Mike Manley (INKS)

Firebird - So What Are You Going To Do After You Conquer The World?

Fabian Nicieza (SCRIPT), Gavin Curtis (DRAW), Chris Ivy (INKS)

The Saga Of The Serpent Crown, Chapter 12 : Crisis Management

Peter Sanderson (SCRIPT), Mark Bagley (DRAW), Keith Williams (INKS)

[1989/11] Vengadores Especial Invierno '89 (La saga de la Corona Serpiente: Crisis de control)