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Giant-Size Defenders (Marvel)

1 (1974/7)

The Way They Were ! (Prologue / Part 1 : Banished To Outer Space / Part 2 : Bird Of Prey / Part 3 :

Tony Isabella (SCRIPT), Jim Starlin (DRAW), Al Milgrom (INKS)
2 (1974/10)

H.. As In Hulk... Hell... And Holocaust !

Len Wein (SCRIPT), Gil Kane (DRAW), Klaus Janson (INKS)
3 (1975/1)

Games Godlings Play !

Jim Starlin (SCRIPT), Len Wein (SCRIPT), Steve Gerber (SCRIPT), Jim Starlin (DRAW), Dan Adkins (INKS), Don Newton (INKS), Jim Mooney (INKS)
4 (1975/4)

Too Cold A Night For Dying !

Steve Gerber (SCRIPT), Don Heck (DRAW), Vince Colletta (INKS)
5 (1975/7)

Eelar Moves In Mysterious Ways ! Historia

Steve Gerber (SCRIPT), Gerry Conway (SCRIPT), Roger Slifer (SCRIPT), Len Wein (SCRIPT), Chris Claremont (SCRIPT), Scott Edelman (SCRIPT), Don Heck (DRAW), Mike Esposito (INKS), David Hunt (INKS)

[2014/7] Marvel Gold: Guardianes de Galaxia. Vengadores Cósmicos 1 (¡Los caminos de Eelar son misteriosos!)
[2013/3] Guardians of the Galaxy: Tomorrow's Avengers TPB 1 (Eelar Moves In Mysterious Ways !)