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Venus (Marvel)

1 (1948/8)

Sin título Historia

Stan Lee (SCRIPT), Lin Streeter (DRAW), Lin Streeter (INKS)

[2009/3] Agents of Atlas TPB 1 (Sin título)

Sin título

Lin Streeter (DRAW)

Hedy's picture problem

Vic Dowd (DRAW)

Hey Look!

Harvey Kurtzman (SCRIPT), Harvey Kurtzman (DRAW)
2 (1948/10)

Way out west!

George Klein (DRAW)

Venus stops the presses!

George Klein (DRAW)

Birthday blues!

Between two worlds!

George Klein (SCRIPT), George Klein (DRAW)
3 (1948/12)

The handsomest man in the world!

Ken Bald (DRAW), George Klein (DRAW)

Money mad

Venus special feature

Don Rico (DRAW)

The day the sun stood still!

Ken Bald (DRAW)
4 (1949/4)

Whom the gods would destroy!

Ken Bald (DRAW)

It's all in the mind!

Ken Bald (DRAW), George Klein (INKS)

Hey Look!

Harvey Kurtzman (SCRIPT), Harvey Kurtzman (DRAW)

Oh, doctor!

Ken Bald (DRAW), George Klein (INKS)
5 (1949/6)

Chapter 1: Her perilous quest!

Chapter 2: Defeat!

Chapter 3: The end of the quest!

The heart within me -- dead!

Mike Sekowsky (DRAW)
6 (1949/8)

Ch.1: The Earth is in danger!

Chu Hing (DRAW), Many Hands (DRAW), Rice (DRAW), Don Rico (DRAW), Pete Tumlinson (DRAW)

Ch.2: Face to face with the king of evil!

Violet Barclay (DRAW), Many Hands (DRAW)

Ch.3: The wrath of a goddess!

Violet Barclay (DRAW), Chu Hing (DRAW), Many Hands (DRAW), Rice (DRAW), Pete Tumlinson (DRAW)

Stolen love

Mike Sekowsky (DRAW), Christopher Rule (INKS)
7 (1949/11)

Ch.1: The romance that could not be!

Don Rico (DRAW)

Ch.2: The dread decision!

Don Rico (DRAW)

Leave me never!