Enciclopedia del Universo Marvel

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Epic Illustrated

2 (1980/6)

Almuric (1/4)

Roy Thomas (SCRIPT), Tim A. Conrad (DRAW), Tim A. Conrad (INKS)

Hope's end

Marv Wolfman (SCRIPT), Daina Graziunas (DRAW), Daina Graziunas (INKS)

Monkey see

Stephen R. Bissette (SCRIPT), Rick Veitch (DRAW), Rick Veitch (INKS)


Vicente Alcazar (SCRIPT), Vicente Alcazar (DRAW), Vicente Alcazar (INKS)

Metamorphosis Odyssey (4/14): Whis'par

James Starlin (DRAW), James Starlin (SCRIPT), James Starlin (INKS)

[2011/4] Dreadstar: Odisea de la Metamorfosis y Otras Historias 1 (Whis'par)

Siegfried and the dragon

Philip Craig Russell (SCRIPT), Philip Craig Russell (DRAW), Philip Craig Russell (INKS)


Archie Goodwin (SCRIPT), Archie Goodwin (INKS), Archie Goodwin (DRAW)

Seven moons' light casts complex shadows

Samuel R. Delany (SCRIPT), Howard Chaykin (DRAW), Howard Chaykin (INKS)

Tarn's world

Archie Goodwin (SCRIPT), Robert Wakelin (DRAW), Robert Wakelin (INKS)

The true game

Ernie Colon (SCRIPT), Ernie Colon (DRAW), Ernie Colon (INKS)