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Epic Illustrated

32 (1985/10)

The Last Galactus Story (7/10): Tunnel in the sky

John Byrne (SCRIPT), John Byrne (DRAW), Terry Kevin Austi (INKS)


Ed Bryant (SCRIPT), Carol Kimball (DRAW), Carol Kimball (INKS)


Bo Hampton (SCRIPT), Bo Hampton (DRAW), Bo Hampton (INKS)

To be a... champion

Archie Goodwin (SCRIPT), James Geldhoff (DRAW), James Geldhoff (INKS)

Nagrul rising

Gonzalo Mayo (SCRIPT), Gonzalo Mayo (DRAW), Gonzalo Mayo (INKS)

Love's labours

Robert Rodi (SCRIPT), Lela Dowling (DRAW)

The surprise in the box of Toast Posties

Mark Wheatley (SCRIPT), Mark Wheatley (DRAW), Mark Wheatley (INKS)

Toadswart d'Amplestone (7/8): Waxwroth Furioso

Tim A. Conrad (SCRIPT), Tim A. Conrad (DRAW), Tim A. Conrad (INKS)

Weeping oak

Gene Day (SCRIPT), Dan Day (DRAW), Dan Day (INKS)